Client Testimonials

Eric Herman

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to offer my strongest possible recommendation for Brian Van Bower. For the past 14 years, I have been involved in writing and editing trade magazines for designers and builders in the pool and landscape trades. During this time,I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bower on a variety of occasions. For the past four years, I've worked closely with him on a regular column for WaterShapes magazine, a publication of which I am editor. His is one of the most well-read and respected voices in our publication and in the industry at large.

As one who has seen the best and worst these trades have to offer,I can say without reservation that Brian Van Bower is a unique and remarkable designer. His work focuses on the most specialized and rarified design for an array of up scale residential customers and high-end commercial clients. He has a unique ability to combine vest technical knowledge and resources with artistic sensitivity and design savvy.

As an industry leader and co-founder of the influential Genesis 3 Design Schools, Mr. Bower is among a very small group of elite designers who offer true leadership and vision to their peers. He enjoys a sterling reputation and is widely recognized as a true leader and innovator. He generously gives his time in a variety of educational settings to help others in the trade elevate their work. His warm and dynamic personality has endeared him to many people inside and outside of the industry, and he possesses the unique ability to motivate and inspire others with his insights and knowledge.

I can say without reservation that Brian Van Bower is one of a kind, a talented designer who brings his best effort to every project. He is committed to doing everything in his power to help others grow and improve in their own work.

Eric Herman
Editor, WaterShapes

Bob Vila

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

Dear Brian,

I am happy to be able to write this note of appreciation and recommendation. The spa that you designed and installed at the Miami/Kendall TV project house was terrific.

You and your representatives demonstrated exemplary professionalism in accommodating our shooting schedule.

The segment we produced was most informative and entertaining for our viewers. Our homeowner was thrilled and confident that she had been dealing with an industry professional.

Thank you again and please relay this message on to all those involved, including Island Waterfalls, Pools and Spas, and NSPI.

Bob Vila

Daniel Lewis

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

Brian, we originally contacted you because we heard that you have extraordinary skills and design, and have tremendous attention to detail. This was needed for our relatively intricate project.

As we have become more familiar with how to operate our pool, it has operated to our expectations. Working with you has met my expectations in all respects.

I appreciate yours and Lars contribution.

Daniel R. Lewis

Richard & Kathryn Mellon

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Brian Van Bower/Aquatic Consultants, Inc.

We are writing this letter to highly recommend Brian Van Bower as a consultant in the pool and spa industry.

Mr. Van Bower designed our pool and spa including some unique fountain elements. We wanted a custom pool and spa that would be compatible with the architecture of our house. The end result was more than we'd hoped for.

Mr. Van Bower is very much a professional and easy to work with. We would not hesitate to use his services again.

Richard and Kathryn Mellon

Clemens Schaub

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as an endorsement of Mr. Van Bower of Aquatic Consultants' unique contribution to the pool construction industry.

My firm deals with upper end highly custom residences. Our experience in the past with pools has been very mixed. Many times pool contractors do their own engineering. Many pools today are very complex. Infinity pools require very sophisticated hydrological engineering and precise detailing. Pool covers, lighting, fiber optics, fountains, spas, and specialized water treatment, all further complicate the design and construction of these types of pool areas. Mr. Van Bower's contribution in this area has been unique. He blends both the aesthetic and engineering required in properly completing this sensitive area of design.

We have worked together on three projects to date. All of these have been great experiences. Both our firm and the pool contractors have learned a great deal from Mr. Van Bower and feel that his input and unique approach has raised the standards and abilities of the industry in our area.

If desired, I would be happy to discuss his abilities and contributions further.

Clemens B Schaub, Architect

Vance Gillette

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

To whom it may concern:

I've had the great pleasure of knowing Brian Van Bower for over twenty years. With over 34 years of pool experience, Brian truly stands out in a class of his own. Brian has superlative organizational skills and his attention to detail is remarkable. He is an internationally recognized pool/ spa industry leading authority. His passion for pools and knowledge of aquatic design is truly legendary.

Brian is a renowned public speaker. His seminars are consistently well attended which generate excellent reviews. He teaches how to better understand human nature in order to improve productivity while delighting the customer. Brian was the keynote speaker in San Francisco at Jandy's International Sales Meeting. Where we received superlative feedback on his presentation. Not only does he educate the audience but he also entertains them. With wit and humor he always connects to his audience.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.


Vance A. Gillette

Greg Howard

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

Brian Van Bower is the most witty and insightful public speaker we have ever had speak in front of our Industry. Each year, there are former Professional Athletes, CEOs and top Motivational Speakers that are hired to Keynote our Trade Shows and Meetings. Brian's talk "You can be Better; and the Power of Positive Ki" is by far the best message and delivered in the most captivating way of any of them. Why? Because Brian stands in the middle of his audience and talks to them from his heart. ..about the events that shaped his life and his outlook; and how each person can apply those lessons to their own business and their own life.

Brian has had his share of triumphs; considered one of the best pool designers not just in the United States; but all around the World. But it's not those triumphs that make his message soar; it's the setbacks and failures in proper perspective, coupled with his view that each day is so important that none can be wasted that resonates the deepest with the audiences he talks to.

People who listen to Brian's message often go back and change their work and home life. They make changes that better themselves and those they live, work and play with. Sometimes, Brian's talks make people rethink people around them and realize that not everyone in their organization and life a good fit; and tough choices are made; and relationships are ended. Brian's talk is not just about hope and promise, much of it is tough love — you have to change your attitude and then surround yourself with only people who are positive and support your goals and dreams. The message isn't for everyone, but for those that care enough to listen and reflect; it can be a life changing experience.

I highly recommend Brian as public speaker, consultant, pool designer, and most of all, as a friend.


Greg Howard CEO Carecraft