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Aquatic Consultants INC.

Andrew Kaner, MLA, PHTA Certified Master
Brian Van Bower, Genesis Co-founder

Aquatic Consultants Inc. Miami Florida International Pool Designer

Aquatic Consultants Inc.

Internationally Acclaimed Pool Designers, Andrew Kaner, MLA, PHTA Certified Master and Brian Van Bower, Genesis Co-founder & Ambassador. We are designers of Pools, Spas, Water Features, Ponds and Water Environments of all types.

Aquatic Consultants Inc., Miami Florida based international consulting design firm specializing in upscale and unusual pool and waterscape designs. Providing efficiently designed and well thought out design consulting to enhance and improve all types of outdoor living and indoor water projects.

2021 Pinnacle Award Winner

Luxury Pools Fall 2021 Dual Beauty

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Professional Affiliations

Andrew Kaner, MLA, PHTA Certified Master. PHTA Certified Master certification is reserved for the upper echelon of PHTA members that have proven their quality, professionalism, ethics, and business prowess. Brian Van Bower co-founder of Genesis, an international forum for the establishment of higher standards in watershape, swimming pool, and water feature design and construction.

Andy Kaner MLA and Brian Van Bower
Genesis Design Group Co-Founder

PHTA Certified Master

Andrew Kaner, MLA, PHTA Certified Master and Brian Van Bower, Genesis Ambassador & Co-Founder

Video presentation features pools designed by Aquatic Consultants Inc, and other Genesis PHTA Certified Masters.

Raleigh Hotel

Breath-taking pool at The Raleigh Hotel designed by Aquatic Consultants Inc.

CBS This Morning

Brian Van Bower featured on CBS This Morning.